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Best Burger Joints near Baker Block

July 25th, 2018

We are sure that many of you are working on your bikini bods at the moment. However, summer does not seem right without a good ole hamburger. Also, it is always healthy to have a cheat day or two regardless of bikini season, that especially goes when you have a ton of incredible burger joints near Baker Block.



Burger Joint #1: Social Costa Mesa

As you all may know by now, Costa Mesa is has a ton of hot spots to dine, study, and have fun. In addition to The LAB and The CAMP, there is SOCIAL. Located on 512 W. 19th Street, SOCIAL is a combination of a restaurant and coffee shop with a co-working space next door. Now, SOCIAL may not be an actual burger joint but it does have an epic burger on the menu. In particular their Drive Thru Burger. This classic American Style hamburger is made to perfection with Akaushi Beef. If this giant burger is not enough, then go ahead and add on a farm egg or their housemade jam. Like we said, this is not a hamburger joint but this Drive Thru Burger is like nothing else.

Burger Joint #2: Peter’s Gourmade Grill

Up next is Peter’s Gourmade Grill on 14311 Newport Ave in Tustin. This quintessential hamburger joint serves up all the classics and then some. However, we highly recommend getting their ABC hamburger with the fried egg on top. Also, we cannot go on mentioning Peter’s without recognizing their greek fries. Covered in Gyro meat, tomatoes, onion, and feta cheese, we would not blame you if you hopped on over to Peter’s just for the fries.

Burger Joint #3: Bunz

Finally, Bunz. As you can tell by the name of the restaurant, Bunz has a menu filled with dozens of different hamburgers to choose from. From a traditional cheeseburger to their bacon cheeseburger, each hamburger is made to perfection with their brioche buns. Light and crispy, the texture is undeniably delicious. It is also worth noting that you have the option of getting a side of fries or tater tots.


Whether it is your cheat day or a late night craving, all these hamburger joints will do you justice, and right in the comfort of your very own town.