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Puppy Palaces: Best Dog Parks in Costa Mesa

November 15th, 2017

So far on the Baker Block blog, we have talked a lot about all the fun our residents can have both in and around your new luxury apartment in Costa Mesa. Along with keeping our residents entertained, Baker Block has made your future home very animal-friendly. We have a large, outdoor dog park that includes double gates for a safe dog entrance and exit. In addition to agility equipment and fresh water, there is also a pet spa and washing and drying station. However, if your dog is in need of a change of scenery and new things to smell, then we highly suggest visiting the following dog parks.

Bark Park - Costa Mesa, CA

Park #1: Bark Park

Of all the parks Costa Mesa has to offer, the Bark Park on 890 Arlington Drive is the only one that is all about your dogs. Open every day except for Wednesday from 7 AM to 9 PM, the Bark Park has two full acres of land for your best friend to run and play. What makes the Bark Park truly unique is that during the holiday seasons they host special dog events. In fact, just last month they had a Canine Costume Party. That said, aside from our very own dog park, the Bark Park is the best place for your dog to run around safely.

Park #2: Tewinkle Park

Unlike the Bark Park, Tewinkle Park on 970 Arlington Drive, is made for both you and your best friend. One great attribute about Tewinkle Park is that it is a 49- acre park. Additionally, it includes a beautiful lake, play areas, ball fields, tennis courts, and even picnic shelters. If you and your puppy are ever looking to be social, then we highly suggest visiting the park any day around 3 PM. So, when you are in the mood to do anything and everything outside with your pup, Tewinkle Park is the place for you.

Park #3: Canyon Park

Similar to Tewinkle Park, Canyon Park was not made for dogs but it is incredibly dog-friendly. You will find this park at 970 Arbor Street. It includes a playground, picnic tables, and tons of open green space. One of the best things about this park is that it is the largest of them all. That means that there is quite a bit of space to explore. All that in mind, when visiting Canyon Park the entire family is sure to have quite a ball.


As you can see, we take pride in providing a happy and healthy environment for our residents and their pets. Although not all the above locations are just for dogs, they are nonetheless places that your dog will love spending time at away from home. So, the next time your dog is in need of a game of fetch, you can be sure that any of the following dog parks will live up to your best friends expectations.