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Take a bite into National Doughnut Day

June 5th, 2018

Hello neighbors! Not sure if you are aware but the month of June celebrates a very important holiday. In particular, National Doughnut Day. Now, it may have been this past Friday but here at Baker Block, we believe that every day is a perfect day to enjoy a doughnut. In particular, doughnuts from Costa Mesa local hot spots.


Good Town Doughnuts

Starting with Good Town Doughnuts at The LAB. What we love about the donuts here are the diverse and unique flavors. Whether it is a gluten-free or vegan doughnut, Good Town has it all, and then some. That said if you are looking to indulge on this day with something more exotic than a glazed donut, head on over to Good Town Donuts. Their vegan, Lemon Poppy or Chocolate Crunch doughnuts are out of this world!

Sidecar Doughnuts

Then there is the scrumptious, and first, Sidecar Doughnuts on 270 E. 17th Street. What we love most about Sidecar Doughnuts are their intriguing flavors and their packaging. For instance, they have an incredible churro and huckleberry doughnut. For all you chocoholics, definitely order their Mexican chocolate doughnut. Do note that their classic glaze is otherworldly so when you do go, get yourself a dozen of their different flavors. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

Okay, okay, so hear us out. When it comes to doughnuts, more often then not we seek out these boutique bakeries with an eclectic selection of wild donuts. However, you never can go wrong and treat yourself to a doughnut from old faithful. Also, they have some of the best coffee and for super affordable prices.


So, now you know where to get the best doughnuts near your Baker Block apartment. So hit up the Baker Block fitness center and get ready to indulge in doughnuts no matter what day it is.