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My Baker Block Home: 13 Questions with Heidi

October 23rd, 2018

Hello Baker Block neighbors. We have a very special blog post for you all. As many of you know, we have become quite the neighborhood here in Orange County. Additionally, many of you have been calling Baker Block your home for quite some time which means you have had a chance to really decorate your apartment into your own personal paradise.

That said, we are now interested in seeing how you have personalized your home. And with our new series, My Baker Block Home, you all have a chance to show off your beautiful Baker Block apartment. To start this series, we interviewed our very own Baker Block neighbor Heidi.

My Baker Block Home with Heidi

Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for having us. Before we begin, tell us a bit about yourself? Let’s see, I am a California native, I work at Chapman University, and I love cooking Middle-Eastern food.


We could not help but notice this gorgeous rug you have in your kitchen. Tell us about it. So, this is a 1960’s vintage Turkish rug. It is definitely the defining piece of the kitchen and adds the perfect pop of color.


And what about this mirror near the entrance? This is actually a Hermès knockoff. I saw it in a high-end magazine. I binged search for about a year for a replica and this was the end result.


Your dining room is absolutely stunning. Tell us more about it. With my interior design style, I like to mix some high-end pieces with low-end pieces. Some of the art I have is from local shops here in Costa Mesa. Then I have some more personal artwork with these Egyptian papyrus pieces that is an homage to my ancestry.


You also have quite the living room. Is there anything in here that you personally designed? Yes! I actually designed my couch and chair. I worked with a local store in Costa Mesa called Mod Shop to design it. Additionally, I took upholstery classes to learn how to upholster the first few pieces I made.

My Baker Block home

Are there any pieces in your apartment that have an interesting backstory? I do! It’s in my bedroom. I did a lot of traveling from past jobs and one of the places I got to go to was Indonesia where I got this chandelier.


That is so cool! So, we still need to know more about you. What do you love about interior decor? I love how it is a way to self-represent. I think it is something that shows personality. Additionally, anyone who knows me can walk in here and say, “This is totally Heidi.”  


For anyone who is just starting to design their home, what advice would you give them? Definitely start with Pinterest. You get to see what styles are your favorite and eventually get an idea of what you like.


What does home mean to you? Home is a physical place. Home may be where the heart is but it is also a place that includes artifacts from trips and family photos. It is almost like a treasure box.


And why did you decide to live at Baker Block? So, I adore boutique apartments with a hotel vibe and that is what Baker Block has put together. I also love that it is in a smaller, walkable community. Also, everyone who has visited says that it matches my personality perfectly.


Last but not least, what is the one word you would use to describe your Baker Block lifestyle? FABULOUS!


We could not be more proud to have such stylish and creative neighbors. We plan on featuring your beautiful homes once a month. For anyone who wants to become apart of our Baker Block home series, head to our Instagram and direct message us with your email address.