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My Baker Block Home: Holiday Edition

January 1st, 2019

Hello neighbors and welcome back to our second, holiday edition of My Baker Block Home. This week, we met up with our neighbor Emily.


Thank you so much for having us, Emily! Let’s get to it. Tell us about yourself.

Well, I am from Connecticut, I’ve been living in California for six months, and came down for work.

That’s awesome, and welcome to California! As you already know, this is our holiday edition of ‘My Baker Block Home’ and we must know, what is your favorite holiday treat?

Christmas beers! They come out once a year and are absolutely delicious. And I highly suggest trying the Sam Adams Winter Lager brew.

And your favorite holiday movie?

I am a huge Macauley Culkin fan so the original Home Alone.

Let’s get to this incredible home of yours. I think the first thing anyone will notice when they walk in is all the art.

Yes, there are about three different art walls in here.




They are all gorgeous and have their own personal vibe. What is your favorite piece on the kitchen art wall?

It would have to be the black and white photo of an old man’s hands holding a cigarette. And it’s funny, I don’t smoke but I found this piece in Philadelphia next to a dumpster and I think it is perfectly damaged.

You mentioned that there are multiple art walls, could you tell us a bit more about your connection to art?

I used to do arts and crafts all the time and I also had a bunch of roommates in college who were all artists. I majored in science and it was great being surrounded by so many creatives and I think in that time my connection to art blossomed even more. In fact, I left college with a piece of art made by one of my roomies that is now hanging above my couch.

That piece definitely sticks out the most, and it’s gorgeous. Tell us, what was the focal piece of your home?

The couch for sure. I think that is the way it always goes. And I chose to go grey because it is a color that can go with anything. In fact, after choosing that piece I was able to determine the color palette of my home, which are neutrals and pastels, mint in particular.

You never can go wrong with mint. We also noticed your media center has a record player! Where did you get it?

I got that in Philadelphia as well when I was in college.



What is your favorite record in your collection?

It would have to be my Grateful Dead album.

And where did you find that credenza?

Like my favorite art piece in the kitchen, I found this on the side of the road. I took it home, cleaned it off, and repainted the doors. You could definitely say I am a scavenger and believe that some of the best stuff can be found on the side of the road.

For those who are less lucky finding these gems, where should they shop for interior decor?

I personally only shop at junk shops or thrift shops. Unfortunately, all of my favorites are back in Philadelphia. The closest ones to here that I love are in Joshua Tree. I don’t remember the names but take my word for it that they are great.

We will! You’ve also got a number of books.

Yes, I am a huge reader. I love anything murder mystery or cults. Helter Skelter is a classic. I am also following Reese Witherspoon’s book club.

For anyone who needs help with designing their home, what wisdom would you give them?

If the piece doesn’t make you feel something, skip it. Every piece in my home has made me feel something special and passionate, which is a vibe that I think every home should have.

We see that you chose to live in a studio. What do you like about living in this kind of space?

I loved the floor plan! I saw so much opportunity, the price was perfect, and I like the kind of privacy that it gives me.



What does home mean to you?

After living in so many different places with all sorts of personalities, I have realized that home is a place that makes you feel a very unique, special kind of happiness. It is a feel good, worry-free, relaxing, chill environment.

And why did you choose Baker Block?

I had moved across the country and my company set me up with a broker and we weren’t on the same page. Eventually, I came across an Instagram ad. When I saw the ad the first time, Baker Block was fairly unknown but after an endless amount of searching I found my way back to Baker Block and realized it was perfect.

Why is that?

The leasing staff! They were super chill, approachable, and made me feel like there was no other place to live but here. Also, the community. I have met so many people while living all over the country and never connected too much with people during that time. However, at Baker Block, I have made friends with so many neighbors and everyone is super friendly.

Last question, if you were to describe your Baker Block lifestyle in one word, what would it be?

Inviting! And I mean that in regards to the leasing office and always having such a good time running into neighbors. Everyone who lives here meshes so well. So yes, inviting.