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Eating Healthy: Best organic restaurants and markets in Costa Mesa

January 24th, 2019

It is flu season and one thing we all need to be on top of this year is our health. Luckily, Baker Block is near tons of superfood and organic restaurants to stay fit, happy, and healthy.

organic restaurants

Love & Puree

To start, we have Love & Puree at 333 E 17th St. Ste. 14. This spot is catered particularly to children. If there’s anyone more in need of eating healthy it is kids. So all you Baker Block families with newborns, Love & Puree is for you. This all organic baby food factory includes protein blends and simple blends that has all the essential fruits and vegetables. They also have “Any Age Bites” that all you parents can indulge in. The way they work is you can buy by the single or by the package. To learn more about their packages head to their menu here.

Galeos Cafe

Up next on our list of organic restaurants is Galeos. And if this sounds familiar, it should. They are known for their delicious, organic dressings that you can find at any supermarket. However, very few know that they have their own store and cafe at 729 W. 16th St. Ste. B4. Here you can find all their products and for the best prices. That includes a 24 variety pack that you can take on the go. Their dressings include no MSG, no GMO, and is gluten-free, making it great for anyone on a weight loss program.

Fermentation Farm

There is also Fermentation Farm. Here they sell all sorts of kombucha, bone broths, yogurts, and tonics. While we have our own kombucha at Baker Block, the kombucha bar here has a vast array of flavors. In regards to their yogurts, we love their coconut zingy yogurt. As far as their tonics go, they are great for taking down inflammation.

Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice

Then we have an organic, plant-based, gluten-free fast food spot called Vibe Orangic Kitchen. Located in Newport Beach, this is the best place to get yourself a healthy burger. We personally love their buddha burger. Also, anything off of their breakfast menu is delicious. Same goes for their acai bowls.

Mother’s Organic Kitchen

Last up is Mother’s Organic Kitchen. Located at 263 E. 17th Street, Mother’s has an incredible juice bar. As far as their food is concerned, their salmon bowl is a hot item, as are their dressings. In particular, the chipotle ranch that is dairy free. Also, you cannot go wrong with their cauliflower rice bowl with hummus.


From organic baby food to organic restaurants, staying healthy with your diet at Baker Block has never been easier.