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Christmas at The CAMP: Holiday Fun in Costa Mesa Part II

December 12th, 2017

Happy Second week of December everyone! We are back and ready to tell you about all the holiday fun you can have this month near Baker Block, which we hope you will home very soon. Located at 2937 Bristol Street, The CAMP is an eco-friendly retail campus. Unlike most shopping districts, The CAMP is a made up of a supportive, local community, with a very healthy lifestyle. While blurring the lines between nature and the cities of Orange County, The CAMP is a reliable source for a very good time.


The Usual Fun

To start, there are tons of places to dine. You can catch some treats over at Black Market Bakery. You can grab yourself a big old burger over at Umami Burger, as well as some fabulous tacos for Taco Tuesday at West Coast Fish. There are also tons of lifestyle shops at The CAMP. For all you skateboarding and snowboarding, enthusiasts, be sure to stop by the Active Ride Shop. They have all the latest and greatest on new decks, boards, clothes, and accessories. There are also cute spots to shop, such as home decor from Organic Designs by Aggelige and Purre Boutique for all you ladies to expand your winter wardrobe. No matter the time of year, there is always something to do at The CAMP.

Holiday Fun

When it comes to the Christmas events at The CAMP, they are quite creative. If you are someone looking to stay frugal when it comes to Christmas decor, then head on over to The CAMP on December 9th from 11 AM to 3 PM. They will be hosting a Knot and Grain Woodworking Pop-up Market. Whether you want to furnish something for your house or build a little gift for a friend, this is the event to do so. In addition to a woodworking workshop, The Camp will be hosting a Holiday Wreath Workshop on Sunday, December 3rd from 1 PM to 3 PM. So if you have yet to cover your door with the proper Christmas decor, get yourself to The CAMP next weekend.


As you can see, The Camp is not your average hot spot. That said, when you need to pick up some last minute gifts, create your own Christmas gifts, or just need a bite to eat, The Camp is the place for you.