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Keeping Your Color: Costa Mesa’s coolest tanning salon

March 21st, 2018

California weather, the type that has no seasons. No matter the time of year, the sun is always out and the opportunity for tanning and getting your Vitamin D is endless. However, we are still in Winter and even though we have no seasons, the skies have been quite cloudy. For all you Baker Block beachgoers and poolside loungers, the sun may not be shining bright but Costa Mesa’s hottest local tanning salon has your back and front. Bronzed Bunny was founded by Jeni Castro. After being a frustrated tanning client, she set out to create her own health spa. After finding the perfect organic experience, she began her business and now has three different locations. You can be sure that one of them is in Orange County on 1820 Newport Blvd.

Service #1: Tanning

Better known as a body spa, every service provided and product used is all natural. When you arrive at Bronzed Bunny you find so much at your disposal. First up is the tanning services. Unlike other salons, Bronzed Bunny provides their customers with a new kind of organic airbrushing. The solutions they use are more than organic. They are also paraben-free. That said, when you are here you are in healthy hands. Every employee is well trained and skilled, guaranteed to give you all a flawless look.


Service #2: Sugar Spa

In addition to the spray tans, Bronzed Bunny also has a Sugar Spa. This sugar spa provides a service called sugaring. Sugaring is a hair removal treatment that uses organic, biodegradable ingredients. It is a treatment that does so much more than give you healthy, smooth skin. It keeps you moisturized and is incredibly long-lasting. The best part about this unique service is that eventually leads to permanantly smooth skin. That said, after a few sugaring services you will no longer need to shave.


Becoming a client of Bronzed Bunny means so much more than getting a great spray tan or spa service. It is also about getting these treatments in a way that does not harm the body or the environment. So no matter the occasion, whenever you are in need of a spa treatment or a little color, head on over to Bronzed Bunny. They are sure to give your glow an extra spark.