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Home Furnishing: Where to shop in Costa Mesa

January 12th, 2018

Now that many of you have found a home at Baker Block, your next step is home furnishing. We are certain that some of you already have a bed frame, a television, and a couch. Some of you may even have everything you need to make your new home comfy and cozy. For those of you who are still in need of decor, this is the blog post for you. From a new couch to a centerpiece for your dining room table, here are some of the best spots to shop for home furnishing near Baker Block.

home furnishing

Home Furnishing Spot #1: Urban Outfitters

Our first spot is Urban Outfitters at The LAB. Typically a visit to Urban Outfitters is a visit for clothes. There is also not much to see in the store in regards to dining room tables or sofas. However, Urban Outfitters is a fabulous place to shop for hanging plants, sage, rugs, and throw pillows. Also, for all you vinyl junkies, Urban Outfitters has fantastic, portable record players that come equipped with an aux plug and Bluetooth to hook up to your smartphone. Additionally, they have an epic collection of contemporary artists on vinyl and cassette tape. Do know that their online store is a great place to shop for dining room chairs and duvet covers. So, when you are in need of decor for your coffee table or a chic mirror, head on over to Urban Outfitters. They have nick nacks for days!

Home Furnishing Spot #2: SEED Peoples Market

A sustainable marketplace that offers a variety of products, SEED Peoples Market is located at The CAMP. In addition to high-quality outdoor gear, they have the most incredible home treasures. Similar to Urban Outfitters, SEED Peoples Market is a great spot to find nick nacks and bedding decor. They have fabulous coffee table books and they have the most adorable porcelain mugs and tea sets. Shop here and find unique ways to cover your walls. For instance, add a splash of color and hang up one of their macrame tapestries above your sofa. You can also easily make your dining room table stand out with any of their vintage finds. For all of you with a modern and bohemian aesthetic, head on over to SEED Peoples Market. They will have everything you are looking for and then some.

Home Furnishing Spot #3: Old Bones Furniture Co.

Any of you looking for dressers, shelving, or dining room tables, head on over to Old Bones Furniture Co. on 641 Paularino Avenue. Unlike Urban Outfitters and SEED Peoples Market, Old Bones Furniture Co. has a much more mid-century modern vibe. When you are in need of any staple piece you will find it here. Their large selection of modern couches and desks are fantastic. If you are looking for storage space, you never can go wrong with one of their credenzas or media consoles. They also have endless options of lighting for the floor and ceilings. For those of you who have a patio deck, you can find a variety of lounge chairs in their outdoor section as well. Whether it be bar stools, counter stools, office chairs, or sectional sofas they have it all. For those of you who buy throw pillows from Urban Outfitters or SEED Peoples Market, you can be sure they will look beautiful on any of their bed frames.



The options are truly endless when it comes to home furnishing stores near Baker Block. So all of you who take a trip on down to one of these spots, be sure to take a photo, post it on Instagram, and tag us. We would love to see how you designed your new boutique apartment!