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SEED Peoples Market: Sustainable Shopping in Costa Mesa

March 1st, 2018

Along with The LAB, one of our favorite spots to visit near Baker Block is The CAMP. Located at 2937 Bristol Street, The CAMP provides you with tons of activities to engage in. In addition to dozens of restaurants and the art community, The CAMP also provides you with unique shopping experiences. Take for instance SEED Peoples Market.

Living by their mantra, “Products with a Purpose,” everything they sell promotes for a green planet. With most shopping experiences, you are just buying and consuming. That is not the case with SEED Peoples Market. While shopping here, you are learning how to live sustainably. From garments to decor, everything you purchase is sourced responsibly. Unlike a Target, the brands available to you are unique and support local artists. Along with supporting products made in third world countries, there are so many eco-friendly products and activities to become involved in at SEED Peoples Market.

SEED Peoples Market

SEED Peoples Market: What you can do

1.Expand your wardrobe

It comes as no surprise that some of the best stuff they sell is clothing. Available for men, women, and children, they have stylish ensembles suitable for any occasion. Even if you are looking for something cute and comfortable to wear around your Baker Block apartment, you will find it at SEED. For those of you with a very active lifestyle, stop by their outdoor gear section. From water bottles to snowboarding and rock climbing gear, they have it all! In addition to all that, they have lovely accessories from earrings, watches, and necklaces.

2.Decorate your home 

Now we have blogged about the spectacular home decor section of SEED Peoples Market before. For those newcomers however, you must know that this is the best spot to shop for any sort of accent piece. Known as Home SEED Home, all of the home decor here carries a very relaxing, bohemian feel to it. Products sourced from vintage markets, everything there is sure to make a statement. No time to shop in stores? Do not fret! Much of what is in stores is also available to you online. Ranging from throw pillows to vintage rugs, Home SEED Home perfectly caters to that chill Baker Block vibe.

3. Keep the kids busy

Every few weeks, SEED Peoples Market hosts “Story-time at SEED,” where a special guest comes in and reads a variety of children’s books. Starting around late morning, each book the special guest reads is selected from their very own children’s book collection. In addition to these events, SEED Peoples Market is very kid friendly. They have an endless amount of eco-friendly vintage toys and their children’s clothes are beyond adorable.


From thoughtful gifts, space for kids, to cozy home decor, SEED Peoples Market is truly eclectic. Open every day of the week from 10 AM to 8 PM, and Sundays until 6 PM, SEED Peoples Market is the best spot to get a special someone a one-of-a-kind gift. Best of all, everything you purchase supports local artists! So, while providing sustainable, eco-friendly products, you are sure to find everything at SEED Peoples, and without leaving a footprint on our planet.