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Top 10 Hidden Gems in Orange County You Must Visit

September 17th, 2018

Hello neighbors! If there is one thing we all love, it is exploring fun hidden gems within our city. Lucky for you, Orange County has tons. So, without further ado here are the top 10 best-hidden spots to explore near Baker Block.

top 10

1. Pirate Tower

Resting on the edge of a cliff on Victoria Beach in Laguna is our first hidden gem, Pirate Tower. Built in 1926 for the William E. Brown family, Pirate Tower is easily the most photogenic location on this list. The easiest way to get to the tower is to find parking along the PCH. Do note that PCH parking goes for $1.50 per hour. From there, make your way over to a stairway at Sunset Terrace and Victoria Drive via the cross streets McAulay Place and Nyes Place. As you descend the staircase turn right around a crowd of rocks and you’re there. For anyone visiting for the sake of a photo, we highly suggest getting there as early as possible to miss the high tide.  

2. The Blind Rabbit

For those who are new to the blog, there is no shortage of bars in the OC. However, one that we have yet to cover is The Blind Rabbit in the Anaheim Packing DistrictThis hidden speakeasy has great food and drinks, plus incredible service. All that in mind, do know that the best way to get a spot here is to call in advance. Additionally, there is a dress code you must abide by that you can find in detail on their website.

3. Crescent Bay Point Park

Then there is our first park on our top 10 list located in Laguna Beach. With relaxing views, a small sitting arena and amphitheater, Crescent Bay Point Park is perfect for a family day out.

4. Thousand Steps Beach

Our next secluded beach on our top 10 list is Thousand Steps Beach. Located on 9th Ave. & PCH in Laguna, this beach includes 230 steps which you must walk up and down to enjoy this beach. That in mind, anyone looking for a great workout with an epic view, then Thousand Steps Beach is the spot for you.

5. Pirate’s Cove

Up next is Pirate’s Cove in Newport. Located on 2900-2998 T St., Pirate’s Cove features tons of caves along the shoreline as well as trees to nestle under for the day. This secluded beach is most enjoyable during the week while no one is there. And, feel free to make a day of it here as the sunset setting along the California coast makes for a stellar view and photo.

6. Blackstar Canyon Trail

Looking for a great trail away from the beach? Then make your way over to Blackstar Canyon. Spanning over 6.8 miles, this Silverado trail features a magnificent waterfall. The trail here is considered to be a bit difficult but the views along the way make it all worthwhile. Also, if you do wish to take on the challenge, it is essential to wear hiking shoes, not gym shoes, as well as long sleeve attire.

7. California Scenario – The Noguchi Museum

Filled with rocks and fountains, the Noguchi Museum is not a foreign location to our blog. However, for those reading our blog for the first time, Orange County has one of the most unique gardens in all of California. Featuring a low pyramid with a stream of water running underneath, this is another wonderful location for all you photographers out there. Open Wednesday’s through Sunday’s, feel free to make a day out of your visit to Noguchi as there are so many different portions to explore.

8. Fullerton Arboretum

Then there is the Fullerton Arboretum on 1900 Associated Rd. Open every day of the week from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, this arboretum is perfect for a day date or family day. Featuring waterfalls, a lake, a cactus desert, and so much more, we highly suggest spending the entire day here. You can even attend some of the events, including a 9 AM Yoga class in the gardens.

9. Oak Canyon Nature Center

Adding onto the list of hiking spots is the Oak Canyon Nature Center on 6700 E. Walnut Canyon Rd. in Anaheim. With a total of 58 acres and three canyons, there are tons of options here. Best of all, most of it is covered with trees giving you plenty of shade the entire time. So even on those hot summer afternoons, you can still get a great workout without being dragged down by the heat of the sun. Unlike Blackstar Canyon, Oak Canyon includes tons of easy trails, perfect for all you Baker Block neighbors with dogs and kids.

10. Treasure Island Beach

Last on our list is Treasure Island Beach along the Wesley & Coast Highway in Laguna. Found beneath the Montage resort, this beach is great for the family as it includes tons of tide pools and picnic tables. When it comes to parking, there is metered parking along the highway as well as a few spaces along the beachside across from Ruby’s Diner.


From secluded beaches to new bars, our top 10 hidden gems will keep you exploring for weeks on end. Now, grab your hiking shoes, charge your phones, and get going!