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Top 3 Reasons to Visit SOCIAL Costa Mesa

August 16th, 2018

Welcome back neighbors to a new spotlight blog post. For those of you new to the blog, Baker Block is right around the corner from some of the coolest places in Costa Mesa. Known as The LAB and The CAMP, these hot spots are great for dining and socializing. However, there is another spot around the corner where you can do all of that and more. Made up of both a coffee shop and restaurant with a workspace next door, SOCIAL Costa Mesa is the spot to eat, drink, play, and hustle.


The SOCIAL Restaurant

With the freshest of California ingredients, SOCIAL Costa Mesa is an all American inspired restaurant. That said, their signature Wood Fired Branzino is a must have when you first dine here. We also suggest trying their Walnut Pesto Burrata Ravioli. Additionally, you can never go wrong with their Drive-Thru Burger. Best of all, they just updated their menu! This month, they added an out of this world Wood Fired Artichoke. In addition to their five-star menu, they have an all-star mixologist team. So if you are ever looking for a delicious instagramable meal or drink, SOCIAL Costa Mesa is the spot for you.

The SOCIAL Coffee Bar

Beyond the restaurant, and a few feet away, is the pop-up coffee bar Thunder King Coffee Bar. Open from 8 AM to 3 PM, this coffee bar is serving up unique beverages with organic syrups. Take for instance their Oh Snap! Ginger brew with ginger syrup and oat milk. We also suggest trying their chocolate cold brew with mint or the matcha tea with white chocolate. From craft coffee, cold brew to-go, and brews on tap, there is something for everyone at Thunder King Coffee Bar.   

The SOCIAL Workspace

Calling all creatives and goal getters! On the days you want to step outside the office or Baker Block Business Center, head on over to Second Home Workspace. An incredible ambiance and open from 8 AM to 5 PM, the possibilities for productivity and networking are endless.


There are so many unique places near Baker Block. So whenever you are looking for a fun, social, and delicious day away from Baker Block in Costa Mesa, venture on over to SOCIAL Costa Mesa. Good vibes only await.