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Where to Celebrate World Chocolate Day in Costa Mesa

July 6th, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. It is time again to mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate another very important dessert. On Saturday the 7th, it is World Chocolate Day! So, start stocking up your fridge with milk and get ready to discover the best places to grab yourself some chocolaty treats near Baker Block.


world chocolate day

World Chocolate Day Spot #1: The Dirty Cookie

First up is The Dirty Cookie on 2493 Park Ave, Tustin. Easily the most unique of sweet treats, you can get shots here. That’s right, SHOTS! By shots, we mean shots of milk inside of a cookie cup. Each hand-crafted to perfection, every cookie cup is coated with Belgian Chocolate. All sorts of milk are available to you as well. Same goes for the assortment of cookie cups. Options range from red velvet, cookies and cream, classic chocolate chip, and more!


World Chocolate Day Spot #2: Ice Cream Shops

Looking to keep it cool? Then stop by a number of the ice cream shops in the area. For instance, Rollin Creamery. This Thai-styled rolled up ice cream with a unique texture is absolutely delicious and there are tons of chocolatey options. Another unique ice cream shop is Creamistry at 3033 Bristol Street. With more than 60 flavors to choose from, this liquid nitrogen based ice cream is delicious and customizable.

World Chocolate Day Spot #3: Blackmarket Bakery

Last but certainly not least is Blackmarket Bakery at The CAMPAlong with serving sandwiches, beer, and cider, this bakery has some of the best cookies and cakes. Some of our favorite chocolate sweets are their two-tone cookies with both dark and milk chocolate and the Yeti made with chocolate and coconut. Additionally, they have insane cookie sundaes and flourless almond brownie bites. For all you pudding fans out there, we highly suggest stopping here and getting their Chocolate Almond Bread Pudding.


No matter where you go, as long as you are celebrating World Chocolate Day that is all that matters. Now, get your napkins out and get ready to indulge.